How to spend honor points in World of Warcraft
The World of Warcraft Honor system rewards you for taking an interest in player versus player fights (PvP). There are four different ways to collect respect: through dams of respect, slaughtering pioneers of each race, accomplishing destinations in the combat zones and accomplishing world PvP goals. When you begin procuring honor focuses in the "Realm of Warcraft", your PvP abilities will increment fundamentally. You should spend your respect indicates in a smart way boost your preferred position.

Go to the Champions Walk in Stormwind (for the Alliance) or the Walk of Legends in Orgrimmar (for the Horde) to purchase extraordinary gear from the sellers with your respect focuses.

Contrast your insights and the accessible prizes and figure out what will give you the best improvement. For most players, the greatest improvement will be to your weapon, yet weapon updates are normally the most costly.

Purchase a Medal of the Alliance or a Medal of the Horde. These evacuate any impact that obstructs development, which is indispensable in Player versus Player.

Spend your additional vouchers on mixtures from PvP sellers. These elixirs are of an a lot higher quality than typical mixtures.